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Power banks - A must have smartphone accessory

It would not be wrong to suggest that we live and breathe technology in today's modern world. Everything around us has gone digital. This advancement has made our lives easier in numerous ways. When it comes to gadgets and devices, there is a huge fan base. People go crazy over a single technological advancement. No matter how advanced technology becomes, one issue remains constant: battery scarcity. Many of us are constantly on our phones or other devices, and we frequently experience low battery issues. A device failure disrupts our work flow, which is where power banks comes in. These are portable energy sources for your device. Whether you use your phone for work, school, or entertainment, a consistent power supply is essential. The best power bank gives you backup power. Another significant advantage of these power banks is their diversity. You don't have to have one of the same brand as your phone or device to charge it. Multiple devices with different connectors can be charged by a single power bank. Consider going on a trip and not being able to photograph the sites you visit because your phone's battery is low. This is not what we want. Therefore , a backup power source is an absolute necessity in this modern era.

How to find a powerbank that suits your need

You might think that you could buy any random powerbank off the shelf or from a catalog. But the truth is that it might not be the best choice for you. We recommend you do your research. The first thing to do before buying a new powerbank is to do your research and read any of the thousands of reviews online. The perfect powerbank for your requirement will be fully based on the number of devices, types of devices and how long you plan to charge remotely. For instance, if you own 5000mah or lower powerbank (most entry level smartphones) choosing a 10,000mah powerbank might suit you. But if you plan on using high power usage devices like ipads and laptops or multiple smartphones/devices then you should probably look at a higher capacity powerbank with around 20,000mah or 30,000mah powerbanks. Simplytek makes your life easier by making it a breeze to find your ideal powerbank. Our range of powerbanks varies from Rs.2900 to Rs.20,000 covering well known brands such as Anker, Aspor, Baseus, RavPower, Realme, Samsung and Xiaomi. You can filter by your favourite color, and features such as fast charging output/input to zero in on your ideal powerbank. Simplytek offers the best range of largest range of earphones and headphones in Sri Lanka. With a wide price range offerings at the lowest price in Sri Lanka, there is always a choice for everyone. We also deliver to your doorstep islandwide. We take pride in selling only the original branded powerbanks and you need not worry about spending mistakenly on fake products with us. We also offer unbeatable warranty and after sales service.
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